Strasburg = Yowch

No reason to qualify anything with phrases like “for a debut” or “someone that age” — Stephen Strasburg’s 14-strikeout performance Tuesday night was, by just about any definition, one of the most dominating pitching performances I’ve ever seen.

In trying to compare it to recent other examples, I suppose some Tim Lincecum performances have looked similar, but in terms of watching a game where it seemed like such a foregone conclusion that every batter who stepped up to the plate would calmly be taking a seat seconds later, and any other outcome seemed like some inconceivable mistake on the part of the cosmos, the game reminded me of Randy Johnson’s Diamondbacks run in the early 2000s, when 10 strikeouts a game were a given and a 14-K game would be a mere additional detail, not a career-defining start.

I think we can all refrain from “but it WAS against the Pirates” jokes, too — do we really expect Strasburg to take that 99 MPH fastball, mid-80s changeup and low-80s breaking ball (!!) into some other stadium and have even the slightest bit of additional difficulty in racking up double-digit K’s again? Yikes.


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