Sidney Crosby Loses Hart Trophy To Guy Who Scored Twenty-Two Fewer Goals

Complaining about season-end trophies is the second most pointless waste of breath in sports behind complaining about All-Star selections, so I’ll keep this short:

  • Henrik Sedin won the Hart Trophy over Sidney Crosby.
  • Henrik Sedin scored 29 goals this season, Sidney Crosby scored 51.
  • Henrik Sedin finished with 112 points, Sidney Crosby finished with 109.
  • Henrik Sedin plays on a line with his identical twin Daniel, who’s averaged over 30 goals per season over the last four years. Sidney Crosby plays on a line with Bill Guerin, who is 39, and Chris Kuntiz, who missed 32 games and finished the season with 13 goals, neither of whom is Crosby’s identical twin.
  • Vancouver finished the ’08-’09 season with 100 points (3rd place in the West) when Sedin was not the MVP, and 103 points this season (3rd place in the West) when Sedin was the MVP. The Penguins finished the ’08-’09 season with 99 points (4th place in the East) when Crosby was not the MVP, and 101 points this season (4th place in the East) when Crosby was also not the MVP.
  • Daniel Sedin, Vancouver’s second-best forward, missed 19 games this season. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh’s second-best forward, missed 15 games this season.
  • Which of the above statistics jumps out the most? The fact that Vancouver finished slightly higher than Pittsburgh in a tougher conference, on a team which also has arguably the best goalie in the NHL? Or the fact that Sidney Crosby scored twenty-two more goals than Henrik Sedin while playing on a much worse line?

    I’m guessing that the hockey media isn’t blind to the fact that promoting someone other than Crosby and Ovechkin for a change — as NBC found out during the Olympics with Ryan Miller — helps the sport grow as a whole, and thus benefits everyone. I only say this because, if you didn’t notice, Sidney Crosby had a better individual season than Sedin and was far, far more valuable to his team, and did not win the NHL’s MVP Award.

    Like I said, second biggest waste of breath in sports.


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    10 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Loses Hart Trophy To Guy Who Scored Twenty-Two Fewer Goals”

    1. Brian Says:

      I’m not familiar with your blog, or if you are even a real follower of hockey (I’m guessing you’re either not, or you’re from Pitt), but I completely disagree with you on every single point. The fact that Crosby was even nominated for the Hart was because his name is Sidney Crosby, and not much more. Ovechkin, Henrik, and even Ilya Bryzgalov were all more deserving. The Hart trophy goes out each year to the NHL player who is most valuable to HIS TEAM… not the guy who scores the most goals. Henrik was a +35. Sidney was +15. OMG TWENTY MORE! (If you don’t know what +/- is, you shouldn’t be writing about hockey). Ovechkin and Sedin both averaged more points per game (Henrik: 1.37, Crosby 1.35, Ovechkin: a whopping 1.51) than did Crosby. Henrik led the Canucks offense to the second highest goals per game in the entire league (3.27), whereas Pittsburgh were down in fifth with 3.24. Ovechkin led his team to an absolutely ridiculous league-leading 3.82 goals per game. On top of all of that, take a look at these stats: Total points by Phoenix previous season (08-09) 79 pts… in 24th place overall. With Bryzgalov in goal all year this season? 107, in FOURTH PLACE OVERALL. Crosby won the Rocket Richard trophy for most goals scored, and that is all he deserved. I seriously fail to see how anyone could possibly argue otherwise. Other than goals, he falls short in every single stat category to either Alex or Henrik. There is no comparison.

    2. Brian Says:

      Sorry, that was supposed to say 3.04 for the Penguins GPG

    3. Dan Hopper Says:

      Mentioning the team GPG for the Caps, Penguins and Canucks merely underscores Crosby’s value to his team.

      Ovechkin played with Niklas Backstrom, who scored 33 goals and 68 assists, on a team which also got 40 goals from Alexander Semin, 29 goals from Mike Knuble, 25 goals from Brooks Laich, 23 by Tomas Fleischmann, and 21 by Eric Fehr. Henrik Sedin played with his twin brother Daniel, who scored 29 goals in 63 games, and Alexandre Burrows, who added 35 goals, and a supporting cast that included Mikael Samuelsson’s 30 goals and 25 each by Ryan Kesler and Mason Raymond, to say nothing of having Roberto Luongo in net.

      Crosby led the NHL in goals and finished a mere 3 points behind Sedin, outscored Sedin by 22 goals (OMG TWENTY-TWO MORE!), while playing on a line with 39-year old Bill Guerin and a platoon of Chris Kunitz (13 goals in 50 games) and Pascal Dupuis, a glorified third-liner who chipped in 18 goals. The Pens’ other highest-scoring forwards, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal, were their second and third line centers, and thus only played with Crosby on power plays and isolated specific situations.

      Crosby posted a better individual performance than Sedin, and a comparable individual season to Ovechkin, with monumentally inferior linemates and a far worse offensive supporting cast. To say he isn’t deserving of Hart consideration is absolutely ludicrous.

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    10. Gustav Vasa Says:

      Crosby is always getting his ass kicked by the Swedes – and you are always complaining. A small hit from Hannula at the world cup and you guys go screaming. Same thing for Hedman; he’s out for the season…

      Poor Cindy….

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