Cedric Benson Arrested Again; Dan Rooney Heard Yelling “Hey Look Over There!”


AUSTIN, Texas — Cedric Benson is in trouble with the law again.

An Austin police spokeswoman says the Cincinnati Bengals running back was arrested on Tuesday and booked into the Travis County jail where he posted bail and was released. An arrest affidavit says he punched an employee of an Austin, Texas, bar on May 30 after being kicked out for getting into an altercation with another patron.

What a criminal! Everyone’s looking at this and not at the Steelers, right? Let’s all pay attention to these criminal Bengals and how criminally criminal they are! Buncha criminals!

Come to think of it, I’m having trouble remembering what happened to the Steelers this past offseason… I know they re-signed Antwaan Randle-El, I remember Limas Sweed got injured…

OHHH! Now I remember the big thing! They hired Sean Kugler as their new offensive line coach. Crazy offseason, huh? Nice to know the Bengals are still the lone controversial crime-related team in the division. Yessiree, sure are criminals over there. Can’t believe they root for such criminals. Cough.


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