NHL Free Agency Remains Slow – I Blame Colby Armstrong

The NHL Free Agency signing period has slowed to a trickle (today’s blockbuster Brian Willsie deal notwithstanding), even though many of the league’s most prominent free agents remain on the market and a number of teams remain significantly under the Cap.

Some might speculate that teams are waiting for the Kovalchuk domino to fall before the other non-Kovalchuk dominos can fall (I good at analogy!!), but if the Kovalchuk talks are indeed limited to L.A., New Jersey, the Islanders, and Russia, then what are other teams waiting for?

My theory? Every free agent conversation has gone something like this:

Every Team: We’re interested in signing you – how does a 2-year, $4 mil contract sound?

Every Free Agent: But Toronto gave Colby Armstrong 3 years, $9 million, and he’s Colby Armstrong!

Every Team: Oh come on, we all know that deal doesn’t count.

Every Free Agent: Fine. I’m calling Toronto.

Every Team: Fine!

[Standoff Continues x Infinity]


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