Mostly Good News: Pirates Trade Deadline Review

Keith Law, ESPN:

Dodgers give up too much for Dotel

The Pirates get an absolute steal of a return on Octavio Dotel by getting two out-of-favor prospects from the Dodgers, creating a situation in which if only one pans out they still see a significant gain.

Jack Moore,

Huntington, Pirates Win At Deadline

Given the fact that the Astros and Indians had to throw money into trades with the Yankees, it seems hard to believe that the Pirates could acquire value for this ragtag group without at least throwing in a significant sum of cash.

That, however, is exactly what Neal Huntington managed to do, turning this group of players into Chris Snyder, John Bowker, Joe Martinez, Pedro Ciriaco, James McDonald, Andrew Lambo, and, perhaps most shockingly, $2.5 million dollars…Given the fact that the Pirates traded essentially useless players with limited team control to acquire this group, that’s a big time win, and the kind of moves that teams in the Pirates position need to make.

Christina Kahrl, Baseball Prospectus:

Now that, folks, is turnover. There’s no Bagwell-level, franchise-changing loot, but it’s a fine haul for ditching a ton of thoroughly dispensable junk, and some of it should end helping man a better Pirates ballclub on the diamond in the near term, providing a decent collection of supporting players to a team that needs help in every dimension. Essentially, Neal Huntington managed to purvey a lot of his trash into other people’s treasures, with treasure being a relative term.

Bob Smizik,

[Huntington] traded closer Octovio [SIC] Dotel and Javier Lopez, the team’s top left-handed reliever. As near as I can tell, the primary reason for doing this was salary relief. Same old, same old, it seems.

…If the Pirates kept Dotel next season, he’d be due $4.5 million. The Pirates, not surprisingly, wanted no part of that. So instead of declining the option at some point in the off-season, when it would clearly be a financial move, the Pirates attempted to cloud the issue by trading him.

Once he was dealt for pitcher James McDonald and outfielder Andrew Lambo, the Pirates were a lesser team — today and for next season.

In Conclusion:



3 Responses to “Mostly Good News: Pirates Trade Deadline Review”

  1. Tapps Says:

    Oh good Lord. Reading Smizik makes me want to pull my own teeth out. Seriously, does he have intelligent thoughts ever? Does he have them and just ignore them so as to incite people? Bastard.


  2. Jer Says:

    Considering what McDonald’s done in the three weeks since the deadline, I think that the Dotel trade clearly did not make the Pirates a lesser team this year. The really sad thing is the number of people agreeing with Bob on his blog….

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