Pirates Win A Thing! (The Draft)

Sorry again for the spotty posting, been out of town most of the past week, and even when I have been around, the only news to report is ultra-preliminary Steeler training camp stuff about which I have no educated opinion (but who WILL snag that 8th linebacker spot??), and Pirates stuff, which is, well, like writing about how throwing mosquitoes on yourself every summer results in those mosquitoes biting you a bunch of times.

Fortunately, this week brought some legitimately good Pirates news, and not of the “grasping at straws” variety, but more like grasping at really significant straws, just straws that won’t have an impact for 3-4 years, when I’m entering my thirties. I’m gonna skip a couple lines now so I don’t have to look at that last sentence.

Anyway, the good news is, the Pirates had another monumentally successful draft this year, locking up #2 overall pick Jameson Taillon as well as second round pick but consensus first-round-talent Stetson Allie to deals worth $6.5 million and $2.25 million respectively, as part of $11.9 million in total 2010 draft spending (second most behind the Nationals), pushing the Pirates’ total draft spending under Neal Huntington to $30.7 million over three years, the most in the majors in that span.

Baseball America also named the Pirates as one of the “Winners” in this year’s draft, along with the Nationals and a couple individuals, with the Brewers and Padres falling into the “Losers” category. The Pirates don’t win a lot of things nowadays, besides the Great Pitching On Opposite Day contests that I just made up, but they absolutely took care of business in this draft, dealt out above-slot bonuses across the board, and infused their system with another rich class of badly needed talent, particularly on the pitching end. A week like this is far more significant to the franchise than the Brandon Donnelly release or the Iwamura trade, even if the attention it receives from the mainstream press is comparable. “Comparable,” meaning, the Pirates never get any attention for anything ever, unless an injured sausage is involved.

Speaking of the actual team, how many hits did they manage against Ricky Nolasco tonight? Negative three? Cool.


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