Ravens Pull Off Annoying Ravens-y MNF Win Over Jets

Even when the Ravens outplay a team, as they mostly did in their 10-9 Monday Night Football win over the Jets last night, they still go out of their way to win the game in the most annoying, Ravens-y way possible.

The game’s only touchdown came on a drive where the Ravens were set up to kick a field goal on 4th Down, and Braylon Edwards was called for an absolutely ridiculous running into the kicker penalty that extended the drive, followed by a (legitimate) pass interference call on Antonio Cromartie that set up the Ravens for an easy score.

I would’ve been fine if the Ravens just won the game regularly, because they did deserve to win, but winning a 10-9 game essentially decided by a complete BS special teams penalty was just too “Hey we’re the Ravens, we do this every frickin’ week!” for my liking. I hate whining about stuff like this because everyone assumes I’m just a biased Pittsburgh fan, but this is just objectively true. Am I wrong, other obviously biased Pittsburgh fans?


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