Pirates Clinch #1 Pick; Huntington Reacts With Super Literal Quote

Despite their 7-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday night, the Pirates have officially clinched the #1 overall pick in next year’s MLB Entry Draft.

Neal Huntington, always one to offer concise, super-literal quotes for any occasion, offered this super-literal quote:

“We’ve had two No. 2s already and, in our minds, it’s no different except that we’re able to pick out the guy we want a little earlier than usual.”

Well said! That is a literal fact that is true.

When asked about who the Pirates’ closer will be in 2011, Huntington replied, “In our minds, the 9th inning is no different than the 8th except it happens 9th and the game ends after it.”

He then added, “I’m looking forward to a busy October, which in our minds is no different than September except it happens one month later and also Halloween happens in it.”


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