Opening Night At Consol Energy Center: Pictures

Because of some unexpected connection my mother had at through her school (I think she threatened to fail Tony Granato’s kids or something), our family got tickets to the Penguins’ opener at the Consol Energy Center Thursday night against the Flyers. Below, some of our pictures from the evening, taken by my friend John Vilsack, whose camera and ability to not feel selfconscious when taking a billion photos of random people are far superior to mine. (Click any for Full Size)

First up, the Pens’ Red Carpet arrivals —



Matt “Mr. Cool” Cooke:

Paul Martin:

Kris Letang (he put on his sunglasses too softly and they were easily intercepted by a fan):


Chris Kunitz and Zbynek Michalek:

Inside the Arena –

A Versus Cameraman films my dad:

My brother and I at the glass, excited and balding:

Creepy Ice Burgh Close-Up

Lemieux ‘Cancer Survivors’ Mosaic (almost as touching as the Ice Burgh pic):

The Ice, Pre-Warmups:

Malkin Stretching:

Malkin Stretching More:

Mike Comrie Acton Figure:

Philly Native Eric Tangradi:

Mike “Kicky” Rupp:

Crosby’s Intense Face:

Malkin’s Intense Face:

Ben Lovejoy (dressed but didn’t play):

Sad-ney Crosby:

Lemieux pours melted Mellon Arena ice onto the Consol surface. Easily the highlight of the night:

Intro Theatrics (Surprised “Cotton Eyed Joe” wasn’t blasting):

Ceremonial Opening Faceoff. Richards thinks about running Crosby while his head’s down, but decides not to:

Last but not least, my new Facebook Photo:


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    love the area

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