Penguins 3, Devils 1: Pens Notch First Win Against Devils’ Intramural Team

It’s nice to see the Pens finally on the board, and against the unbeatable Devils no less (figured Paper would eventually beat Scissors), but we shouldn’t underestimate how ridiculous/hilarious it was that New Jersey only dressed fifteen skaters for this game. I realize they’re up against the salary cap because of the Kovalchuk deal and they had players injured over the weekend, but the salary cap has existed for five years and I’ve never seen something like this. When the Penguins (or any other team) has players hurt, they’ll do whatever it takes to field a full roster, even if that means chloroforming Wilkes-Barre’s leading scorer in the middle of a shootout attempt and DHLing him to Vancouver overnight in case Eric Godard gets hit with a shot in warmups.

What professional hockey team plays a home game against a division opponent short three players? Are the Devils a college intramural team and a bunch of dudes were just busy that day? Jamie Langenbrunner was in the locker room before the game saying, “Rolston emailed me Friday and said he was around this weekend, I haven’t heard from him since — anyone know if he’s on his way? I know Anton’s got a midterm Monday so he’s out…Hedberg, wanna play up?”

Actually, if they were an intramural team, their name would have to contain more innuendo, something along the lines of, say, the New Jersey Butt-Enders. Maybe they did change their name and that’s why the Pens can finally beat them? Think we’re on to something here.



One Response to “Penguins 3, Devils 1: Pens Notch First Win Against Devils’ Intramural Team”

  1. Caroline Says:

    The part about the intramural team made me spit-take at work earlier today. That’s…pretty much how it happened.

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