Aaron Smith Undergoes Surgery, May Return This Season, Won’t Return This Season


Defensive end Aaron Smith had surgery Monday for a torn tricep tendon in his left arm, but it is possible he will not miss the remainder of the season.

Coach Mike Tomlin said today the Steelers will wait and see how Smith recovers from the surgery and, for now, will keep a roster spot open for their veteran defensive end.

Basically what you’re saying is, you’re not officially declaring him done for the year, but he’s definitely done for the year, right? I really don’t want to get my hopes up.

Forgive me if I’m skeptical, but after Troy Polamalu’s second injury last year was deemed not as bad as his first, which kept him out two games, and he ended up randomly missing the entire rest of the year, I now just assume that any major injury instantly means the guy’s done for the year, especially when it’s an injury that means the guy’s done for the year.

Hopefully ’09 first-round-pick Ziggy Hood can take a Timmons-like step forward in Smith’s absence, if only so I have more reason to pull out the Bill And Ted’s “Ziggy Piggy!” song whenever he sacks someone.

Still, I’ve always thought Smith’s muscle tears are extremely underrated; the attention always goes to the defensive ends with the most torn ACLs.


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