Colton Orr Scores Second-Most Interfering Goal In History Of Interference

Check out Colton Orr’s completely legal go-ahead goal in Tuesday’s Maple Leafs / Panthers game:

“That effing COUNTED???” – Scott Hartnell, Matt Cooke, and Tomas Holmstrom all in unison, harmonizing.

That’s easily the second-worst uncalled goalie interference I’ve seen in recent years, behind only the not-notorious-enough Flyers/Capitals Game 7 goal from 2008, which gets worse every time I go back and rewatch it (skip to 2:27):

Right? That should be, like, Tuck Rule famous. Especially because Patrick Thoresen and Sami Kapanen are easily as high-profile as Tom Brady, in a couple houses in Sami Kapanen’s Finnish birthtown.

Also, when I first mentioned the Orr clip to my friend Doug on GChat, I was amused at the predictable exchange that took place:

me: did you see colton orr’s goal last night

Doug: nope

Doug: was it good, or did it involve body slamming a goalie

me: it exactly involved body slamming a goalie


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One Response to “Colton Orr Scores Second-Most Interfering Goal In History Of Interference”

  1. Pass or Fail: Dale Tallon’s coach’s challenge proposal for NHL | Johandetert's Blog Says:

    […] of TSN, is limited to disputed goals … like the one scored by the Toronto Maple Leafs when Colton Orr interfered with Scott Clemmensen of the Panthers last week. From TSN, Tallon’s proposal: Applies only to goal-related […]

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