Steelers 27, Bengals 21: That Was A Really Close Blowout

Dan At 10:40 pm: Hey Dan.

Dan At 10:10 pm: AHHH! Who are you?

Dan At 10:40 pm: I’m you, thirty minutes in the future. I traveled back in time after the Steelers game ended.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Wha…Why? How?? Also, what would happen if we like made out–

Dan At 10:40 pm: SILENCE! I have come to tell you news from the future.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Why are you speaking like a God? You’re still me.

Dan At 10:40 pm: I am here to tell you that the Steelers will barely escape this game with a 6-point victory after a Bengal drops a fourth down pass that could’ve put them inside the Steelers’ 5 with a chance to win the game in the final minute, and you will be extremely relieved when this happens.

Dan At 10:10 pm: What?? This game??? Hahaha, silly Me, I’ve been watching this game for three quarters and one minute, and the Steelers are completely dominating on offense, defense, and special teams and they’re leading by 20 points against a broken-down quarterback and an offense that’s sputtered all night.

Dan At 10:40 pm: I speak the truth.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Allll right, now I get it, this is a prank right? Who’s pulling my leg? Is it JERRY? C’mon Jerry, you can come out now…

Dan At 10:40 pm: Dan, again, we’re the same person, I know you don’t have a friend named Jerry. No one does. That’s a generic name you’d throw into some lame fake joke sports thing.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Well aren’t you SOOO SMARRRT, look at Doc Brown over here, traveling back in time to–oh weird, the Bengals just scored. How’d that happen?

Dan At 10:40 pm: First off, Doc didn’t travel back in time, Marty did, I know you know that, and secondly yes, I told you, the Steelers come really really close to blowing this game.

Dan At 10:10 pm: To the Bengals?

Dan At 10:40 pm: TO THE BENGALS, yes.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Does the offense keep three-and-outting or something?

Dan At 10:40 pm: No, Mendenhall blows right down the field, but Jeff Reed misses a field goal.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Again? But he hit from 50, I thought he was getting back to normal…

Dan At 10:40 pm: I thought that too a half-hour before you did, but no, he missed another chance to put away the game.

Dan At 10:10 pm: They just scored again! What is happening? Were either of those penalties real?? Did the Bengals seriously gain one actual yard on that scoring drive??? AGKJFLWKJKWFLKFNLWKFWLLF:::FFWW??

Dan At 10:40 pm: Calm down! Calm down! I told you, they end up winning.

Dan At 10:10 pm: But…none of this makes sense? How am I supposed to feel?

Dan At 10:40 pm: I can’t answer that. I’m a half hour older than you and I still have no idea.

Dan At 10:10 pm: Geez.

Dan At 10:40 pm: Yeah. Alright, guess I’m gonna head back to the time I came from.

Dan At 10:10 pm: You deliberately avoided saying “Back to the Future” in that sentence cause it would’ve sounded weird right?

Dan At 10:40 pm: It would’ve, right?

Dan At 10:10 pm: Yeah. Self high-five! [HIGH FIVE]

Dan At 8:00 pm Tuesday: SILENCE! It is I, Dan from Tuesday evening. Max Starks is out for the season.

Dan At 10:10 pm and Dan At 10:40 pm: What?



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