Steelers Cut Jeff Reed; Future Of Ed Hardy Cleet Industry In Jeopardy

Bad news, operators of Pittsburgh-area bottleservice clubs: The Steelers have released Jeff Reed. In his place, the Steelers signed former Redskins and Cowboys kicker Shaun Suisham, who’s spent the past eight months as a free agent looking for work as part of a tongue twister.

There’s always an inherent risk when a team switches kickers, since individuals’ performances at the position can fluctuate wildly at random times, but Reed’s recent performance forced the Steelers’ hand here. Plus, even in the worst-case scenario, Suisham likely won’t be worse than Reed has been so far this year, just either the same or an obvious upgrade (hopefully the latter).

Reed’s tenure with the team has been more than productive, and he does have two Super Bowls on his resume, but after constant inexcusable missed field goals throughout the 2010 season, now’s as good a time as any to dust off the old “NFL is a business” cliches. I just hope Kevin Colbert remembered to pad the towel dispenser in the bathroom outside his office.



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