Penguins Hire A New Coo

Headlines read a lot funnier when they’re in all caps with no punctuation:

“Coo” as in, entertaining babies or “Cool” pronounced without the “L”?

Awww, damn, it’s just “C.O.O.” (pronounced like Cee-Lo, but more executively). I was hoping The Penguins hired a new “Coo,” which would’ve been awesome because that would mean the Penguins have a job called “Coo” and just hired a new person to fill the job that is called “Coo.” I really got my hopes up and had them dashed in a very short window of stuff-taking-a-second-to-think-about. People could’ve addressed him in meetings by saying “Coo’, Coo’…” like rappers if rappers still do that — SUCH a missed opportunity. They still should.

Also, my instant reaction upon reading the word “Coo” was identical to that of Charlie from It’s Always Sunny when hearing the word “Spa”.


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