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Pens Defeat Islanders 6-1 In Likely Cup Finals Preview

April 10, 2009

Just how bad are the Islanders right now? During last night’s 6-1 Penguin victory, New York called a timeout halfway through a 5-on-3 so they could rest DOUG WEIGHT and keep him at the point for the full two minutes. Seriously, how was Weight not dealt to a contender at the deadline for a requisite 9th round pick? (Fun Fact: The 9th round of the draft only exists for teams that traded Weight, Mark Recchi, or Jeff Friesen at the deadline). Seeing Weight on the Islanders is like watching some ridiculous movie trailer that you’re pretty sure isn’t even real, then Eugene Levy randomly appears and you’re like “whoa, really? I like the dude but this is sad for all parties concerned…”

The loss also clinches the worst record in the NHL for the Isles, giving them the best shot at the NHL’s #1 draft pick. While my logical brian-half knows that the Pens don’t want to have to face John Tavares 6 times per season for the indefinite future, the Islanders fanbase has been absolutely tortured for the last fifteen years and deserves a genuine superstar badly. Plus if the Isles do get Tavares, what’s the over/under for number of years on his first long-term contract? I’m gonna say…….nine thousand years. And take the over.