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89% Of You Are Wrong

June 23, 2011


Rangers Desperately Trying To Start Some Wade Redden Trade Buzz

June 26, 2009

I couldn’t help but laugh at this quote from Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke from Pierre LeBrun’s NHL Draft Blog:

Burke also shot down one rumor that he was trying to acquire Rangers blueliner Wade Redden and his $6.5 million salary. “I don’t know where that got started,” Burke said. “We’re not in discussions on that player.”

The rumor-starter, one New York-based indvidual who has asked to be referred to as “Slen Gather”, responded that Burke is “lying” and is actually “extremely interested in acquiring really awesome not-overpaid seriously you guys defenseman Wade Redden, as are a whole lot of teams. Hoo-eee, you all better hurry up to trade for Wade Redden before someone else takes his salary off our books oops not our books I mean the New York Rangerses books they’re a team I’m not the GM of no sirree but do hear lots of truthful rumors about their really awesome defenseman people. Whew, covered that up nicely. But seriously, trade for him like, now.”

Pens Defeat Islanders 6-1 In Likely Cup Finals Preview

April 10, 2009

Just how bad are the Islanders right now? During last night’s 6-1 Penguin victory, New York called a timeout halfway through a 5-on-3 so they could rest DOUG WEIGHT and keep him at the point for the full two minutes. Seriously, how was Weight not dealt to a contender at the deadline for a requisite 9th round pick? (Fun Fact: The 9th round of the draft only exists for teams that traded Weight, Mark Recchi, or Jeff Friesen at the deadline). Seeing Weight on the Islanders is like watching some ridiculous movie trailer that you’re pretty sure isn’t even real, then Eugene Levy randomly appears and you’re like “whoa, really? I like the dude but this is sad for all parties concerned…”

The loss also clinches the worst record in the NHL for the Isles, giving them the best shot at the NHL’s #1 draft pick. While my logical brian-half knows that the Pens don’t want to have to face John Tavares 6 times per season for the indefinite future, the Islanders fanbase has been absolutely tortured for the last fifteen years and deserves a genuine superstar badly. Plus if the Isles do get Tavares, what’s the over/under for number of years on his first long-term contract? I’m gonna say…….nine thousand years. And take the over.

Islanders Acquire Conditional Draft Pick For Stretch Run

March 4, 2009

GuerinThe Penguins today acquired veteran winger Bill Guerin from the Islanders for the exceedingly reasonable price of a conditional draft pick. It’s a 5th round pick if the Pens miss the playoffs, a 4th if the Pens make the playoffs, and a 3rd if an NHL/Versus anti-Devils coup somehow allows the Pens to win a round.

Guerin has posted a pedestrian 16 G, 20 A in 61 GP this season, but you’ve gotta figure he probably didn’t see much power play time on an Islanders club loaded with snipers like Jon Sim and Andy Hilbert. He’s still a competent finisher, he’s a plus locker room guy, he won a Cup (albeit when Batman Forever was still in theaters), and he’s a right-handed shot (I thought the Pens retired “right-handed” to honor Lemieux?) He’s also a free agent at the end of the season, so his cap number will not hamper the team’s efforts to work out a long-term deal with Miro Satan.

The only conceivable downside to this deal is that Ray Shero appears acually capable of drafting NHL players with picks later than 5th overall; if the Pens still had Craig Patrick GMing, trading a 3rd round pick would’ve meant not getting to draft some 11-year-old kid holding a souveneir stick who Greg Malone happened to spot while looking out his living room window with binoculars (aka, the Scouting Department).