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Flames Name Aptly-Named Feaster Permanent GM

May 16, 2011

I realize I’m twelve, but I can’t be the only person amused that Calgary’s GM is named Jay Feaster and he looks like this:

Calgary named Feaster, the former Tampa GM who was acting as the Flames’ interim GM, as their permanent General Manager after they determined he was the candidate most likely to eat Alex Tanguay and Olli Jokinen, thus solving numerous problems simultaneously and painlessly.


Penguins 3, Flames 1: On Marc-Andre Fleury And Wes Anderson

January 14, 2010

When someone asks me if a Wes Anderson movie was “funny,” I usually respond with unnatural, waffling analytical half-statements like “I guess it was… kind of… well this one part was kinda weird, but in a funny — well not “ha ha” funny but like, pleasant, and like… there’s some quirky… like… there aren’t really ‘jokes’, but there’s… I mean, I love Bill Murray, and in this movie he’s… interesting…”

But when I see a movie that’s actually funny (at least by regular human definition), and someone asks me if it was funny, I just say “Yeah, it’s really really funny.”

Similarly, when Marc-Andre Fleury is struggling, I go into “describing Wes Anderson comedy” mode to defend his play, always wondering if I’m being too harsh on him for looking at a “4 goals on 24 shots” stat and immediately criticizing him without reflection, with statements like:

“I guess that first one got deflected, so that’s bad luck… Ehhh, I guess he could’ve covered that one rebound but the D should’ve tied the guy up in front… That third one wasn’t a great shot to give up, but it was a 3-on-2, so I guess it’s not… totally Fleury…”

But when Marc-Andre Fleury is playing well, like he did against Calgary Wednesday night and against Toronto on Saturday, I don’t have to qualify any statements or co-criticize the Pens’ D, I can just straight-out say without having to think that “Fleury played really, really well.”

With 37 saves on 38 shots — including more than a few near tap-in chances — Fleury absolutely stole a win last night for the second time in the Pens’ last three games. Here’s hoping Fleury’s turned the corner and I won’t have to drag out my Wes Anderson descriptions anymore, if only because I hate speaking when I don’t even know what I’m trying to say (though you’d be surprised how often this happens). Marc-Andre – please just be Superbad.

Other thoughts on last night’s game, including Crosby’s 30th goal: