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Ross Ohlendorf’s Head Trauma Understatement

July 29, 2010

Ross Ohlendorf was nailed in the head with a line drive in the first inning of Wednesday’s 6-2 Pirates win over the Rockies, on a 93 MPH fastball that Troy Tulowitzki lined up the middle and off the right side of Ohlendorf’s head, resulting in the ball popping up in the air and landing all the way in shallow right field. Ohlendorf fell to his knee, braced himself, and eventually got up and talked to the Pirate trainer at the mound, but was taken out of the game and rushed to the hospital for a CT scan, which thankfully proved negative.

Ohlendorf’s reaction to the incident? This was his postgame quote:

“My head doesn’t feel as good as it did before it got hit, but it doesn’t feel bad at all.”

That sentence rules. Get this dude another government internship – is there an “Awesome Statements After Near-Death Experiences” Department?


Ross Ohlendorf To Intern For U.S. Department Of Agriculture; Pirate Fans Still Deciding How To Get Mad About This

October 23, 2009

There’s rest, there’s the Arizona Fall League, and then there’s Ross Ohlendorf’s offseason plans:

One week after the season ended, Ohlendorf began an eight-week internship with the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. It’s a highly unusual endeavor for a professional baseball player, but to those who know Ohlendorf well, his plans to conduct research in conjunction with the National Animal Identification System comes as no surprise…

OMG! Until the Nuttings start spending money on WINNING instead of DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE INTERNSHIPS, I am DONE with this team. Fans should know they’re only after your MONEY and your AGRICULTURAL INTERNSHIPS and I am NOT falling for it!