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Huge Twist: Modano Returning To Stars Tonight

May 10, 2011

They’ve since changed it, but for about 10 minutes, had this headline on their homepage:

Wow, Mike Modano’s returning to the Stars? Tonight?? Mid-playoffs??? Anything really can happen in the postseason.

To fill Modano’s roster spot, Gerard Gallant will be returning to the Red Wings.


Stars 5, Penguins 2: Pens Play Flawlessly. End Of Story.

November 4, 2010

When Brent Johnson let in a wrister from 40 feet then Brad Richards threw in a second goal after parking himself in the right circle uncovered for an hour and a half both within the first eight minutes of the First Period, I’m pretty sure we all had the same thought running through our heads: This is going to turn out to be the most perfect game the Penguins have ever played. And you know something? We were right.

The Penguins were completely flawless against Dallas in every conceivable way, and were extremely entertaining to watch in the process. The defense? Perfect. Johnson? Perfect. Michalek in his return from injury? Perfect and perfectly healthy. The power play? Is there a word more perfect than “perfect”? Like, “doubleplusperfect”? Because that’s how good the power play was.

Sure, the scoreboard at the end of the day said Dallas 5, Pittsburgh 2, and the only life the Pens showed was a string of random fights in the middle of the second including Sidney Crosby getting into the action, Kris Letang dropping his gloves, remembering his hand is injured, and pathetically clinging to Brenden Morrow, and Mike Comrie making himself useful and sticking up for his teammates by punching the puck. Shockingly, none of these actions sparked a four-goal comeback.

Hopefully the Pens can continue this flawless play in Anaheim on Friday night. The way the power play has been looking lately, in addition to the defense and the incredibly indistinguishable play of Comrie, Mike Rupp, Max Talbot, and Chris Kunitz, I’m moderately confident that they can keep it up.

2 Quick Sidenotes, after the jump:


My Plan Is To Not Ever Have Sex With Christina Hendricks

September 14, 2010

Can you really call something your “plan” when it’s absolutely your only option?

GM: No plans to trade Mike Ribeiro

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Dallas Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk ended months of speculation, telling center Mike Ribeiro that the plan is for him to stay with the team.

Ribeiro, whose production dropped last season after having led the Stars in scoring in both 2007-08 and 2008-09, had been a fixture of the NHL trade rumor mill this offseason.

“I reassured him that I have no intentions of moving him,” Nieuwendyk said. “I think he was worried about it. There was speculation out there that he was going to be moved any day.

“We the Dallas Stars have decided that we would absolutely love to keep Mike Ribeiro on our team, a decision that has nothing to do with shopping him really really hard this past offseason and realizing that no team in their right mind would trade anything to take on the remaining 3 years and $15 mil on the contract of a 30-year-old forward coming off a 19-goal season in which he missed 16 games. That is the plan that we have decided, and boy oh boy are we excited by it.”

In a related story, Rangers GM Glen Sather has announced that the Rangers’ plan for the foreseeable future is to not trade Wade Redden and his remaining 4-year, $6.5 mil annual cap hit.